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About BDO

 Founded by Sierra Leonean dedicated to improving the lives of all people, our goal is to promote the general health and well-being of the underserved population through education, health services, and training opportunities.


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Welcome to Brookland Community Development Organisation Inc.


Contributing towards good health, education and well-being of all in Georgia – Maryland – Sierra Leone, West Africahome-right


Who are our customers?

The organization believes that change is viewed holistically for all communities worldwide.  In that light, the founders of BCDO will target::

  • Ebola our current enemy number ONE and we are soliciting all the assistance in all forms to help us eliminate this terrrible disease and the stigma it created.
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of children who became orphaned as a result of the Ebola disease.
  • Development in all the countries we do busines BCDO believes when people are properly cared for, they step up to the plate and help solve their societal problems and increase their standard of living dramatically.
  • Women who by far outnumber the males in our targeted customers but are least empowered to affect the health and well-being of their families. Reducing infant mortality, and decreasing diabetes, hypertension, malaria, and HIV/AIDS, women will play a major role in the successful implementation of these programs.

What do the customer’s value?


Time after time young and old people have told us that access to good health, basic education and a job to achieve and maintain a decent living condition are among their many wants. They consider these values as the fundamental tenants of any responsible citizen. Pride and restoration of their self-esteem as a responsible human being within their communities.


What are our plans?

• To offer our services on the terms and conditions agreed to with all Governments and non-governmental organizations worldwide.
• To operate in worldwide as a private, independent, non-profit making, development-orientated and voluntary non-governmental organization; this will enable us to establish and execute our programs for the benefit  of target beneficiaries as identified by our donors, governments, and the communities we intend to serve.
• We intend to cooperate with all authorities in implementing our operations in accordance with the laws and regulations in force and in consonance with vital Economic Development Programs worldwide.

  • • To have as our major objectives the enhancement of the social and economic well-being of the underserved people in our areas of operation.
  •   To be transparent and accountable to our donors, the authorities and its beneficiaries in our use of funds and make available to them all our projects audited reports.
Our MISSION is to HELP those who NEED IT


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