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Mission Statement

To contribute to the health, education, and welfare of all in our communities so that they can achieve excellence, regain their self-esteem and build responsible citizenship.

Primary Statutory Mandates

To harness all the resources within our reach to assist and educate. empowering them thereby drastically reduce their social problems and increase their standard of living.  Brookland Community Development Organization Inc. (BCDO), intends to carry forward its good intentions through the cooperation, assistance, and donations secured from other associations, organizations, and foundations.

In accomplishing its mission, BCDO will promote positive outcomes and developmental results.  BCDO will assure that the projects it supports are consistent with all international standards including sound environmental, health, educational and social standards.  In conducting its programs, BCDO will also take into account guidance from the people it plans to empower and the local authorities on its observance of, and respect for, all of their rights.  In accomplishing its mission, BCDO will operate by accepting donations, grants, and the good will of all wherever they may be.          

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