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Most of us are fortunate enough to just turn on a faucet to access life’s most essential ingredient: clean water. But for many people, access to something so basic is difficult.

BCDO will continue its Rice-for-Christmas giveaway to church communities and hope to extend into other areas outside of the current limited distribution network.

BCDO will start establishing centers in all communities to combat all health and non-health related activities  for the long term.

BCDO will work towards the building of Mobile Clinics to serve people with other illnesses that are currently under-served because of the Ebola Virus. Our organization will request all professionals including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals in North American and European diaspora to lend their services. This is an opportunity and a “Call to Action” for all such professionals to volunteer to serve where  the are needed.. They have the technical competencies they have acquired abroad, the social, cultural, and language competencies that gives them the added advantage of not only being able to rapidly deploy and hit the ground running (without the need for interpreters/translators), but they could also be an incredible resource for training with their local counterparts.



In order to impact this wealth of knowledge we need conducive settings and systematic instructors to provide an understanding of something.  This we intend to provide to individuals from study of particular matters or experiencing life lessons.




As of today, the rate of infection and number of citizens dying from this disease is decreasing but the young children made orphans from it have increased dramatically .  We are looking for assistance in making new homes for these children who have now been stigmatized and exiled within their communities. This organization hope to seek the help of all to lessen the traumatic loss they have experienced and intergrate them into these communities.

BCDO to begin compilation and registration of medical records in communities at risk for these disadvantaged individuals.

BCDO to initiate Health Education seminars in all communities on common hygiene.  We know this is the only way to defeat the Ebola and other infectious diseases.

BCDO to train Health care professionals in administration of drugs and other health related activities.

BCDO will seek assistance from foundations, other organizations and individuals in improving the living conditions in our communities.

BCDO recently cohosted Breast Cancer and other cancers awareness seminars in Freetown, Sierra Leone in cooraboration with other health professionals in April 2017. Also in other communities worldwide later.

BCDO will co-sponsor a walk-a-ton in the near future to continue our fight to stop the spread of all forms of cancer and other diseases in Sierra Leone, West Africa later this year.. We shall update our webpages on the precise date of our activities.

The rate of infections and number of deaths from communicable diseases

have decreased due to advance technology and successful inventions of

vaccines most recently for the Ebola and Zika viruses.  Thanks to professionals

in various industries and contributions from numerious foundations and

non-profits financing projects to make these discoveries possible. 

Our programs will assist in reducing infant mortality, diabetes, hypertension, cholera, malaria, HIV/AIDS, all forms of cancers, lassa fever and other communicable diseases.   Also compilation and registration of individuals in our communities at risks, training of health professionals, health webinars and drugs administration.  




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